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Just to name a few of their cannabis strains: Roby Dick, Critical Jack, Industrial Plant, Super Critical Haze, White Siberian, Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Roadrunner, Haze Automatic. How do you pare 30,000 listings down to a reasonable number of scrupulous seed sellers? You simply can’t go wrong with Serious Seeds. Since then, they’ve racked up awards around the world, including many big wins by the dispensaries that grew out their strains. Many people need information about buying marijuana seeds to start with their growing the hermaphrodite cannabis plant. The BCD God is already a very special strain, with every plant exhibiting between 4% and 16% BCD, which to this point has been unheard of. We’re in the midst of what may be one of the most influential industries of the future — one that can positively impact mankind for years to come, far exceeding our lifespan. To prohibitionists, the Net has been a shot in the foot; to the ever-increasing legions of cannabis connoisseurs around the globe, it has bestowed a blessing of independence. Its fast finishing times combined with its low profile and sweet ashy yet skunk taste has made this a BC favourite for years. They have proven that their many years of experience have made them in specialists that produce great seeds and in the last years Royal Queen Seeds has earned awards for most of their strains and taken prizes home from any competition or fair they attended.

THC levels of seeds

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We cannot, and do not discuss germination, yields, THC levels of seeds, as it is illegal to germinate seeds and sell them for germination purposes in the United Kingdom where we are based. Last year at the 22nd Cup, BC Bud Depot won again, with their now legendary strain The burps. An order placed from Amsterdam travelling to the USA will take about 2 weeks but can take longer depending on customs and if you live in a small town. Open every day from 12 pm to 7 pm at 1012 South West Marine Drive in Vancouver. In the search of new breeders our path got crossed with guys from FastBuds Seeds – professional team from Laos Angeles, state of California. Because they’re affiliated with a dispensary, Elemental Seeds focuses strongly on the medicinal aspects of their strains, particularly their high-CBD Jamaican Lion. Big Buddha Seeds is located in the UK. It is packed with excellent variety descriptions, including average yield, time to maturity, stone and growth characteristics of plants. Great job Mani – way to make BC Bud Depot proud!

Although we do have a lot of experience together, our experience is still limited. A cross between two of British Columbia’s highest yielding outdoor varieties, the Pinewarp will bring large yields with minimal work. BC Bud Depot and Reeferman have recently opened a Cannabis Healing Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, stocking all BC Bud Depot and Reeferman Seeds award-winning products. Many people with conservative attitudes ask “how is this possible” and “why are these seed banks allowed to exist?” Find out breeding secrets from BC Bud Depot’s lead breeder, along with new exciting projects coming soon. The Night Nurse is a three way hybrid of BC Hashplant x Reeferman Harmony x Fire G bush male. The premium seeds are also available at many other retail outlets. Order Kosher bush Feminized. Order BC God Bud Seeds. Japanese Shiatsu bush Released Remarkable cannabis seed bank!

They specifically breed for strong bold resistance and high-yielding varieties that can withstand tough conditions, and they use organic methods for growing and creating their seeds. We first noticed La Plato’s beautiful bud shots on Facebook and became determined to find out more about their prime pot varieties. Cannabis Seed Banks are popping up everywhere. Cannabis aficionados feel the buzz of freedom every time they fire up the World Wide Web. The Mighty Mites have Landed ! Because of this, you will often find companies that won’t offer germination techniques so we will cover this for you here in our germination guide. Now already a multiple award winner, get your Kosher kush feminized marijuana seeds now as they are bound to go quickly. The Strawberry Cough Ca a considerably popular strain very much renowned for its potency. If there was a People’s Choice Award, the Truly Fruity would have surely won it.

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