Marijuana Growing Blog

If we take care of marijuana plants properly during their first phase of cultivation, we will have laid the foundations for healthy and vigorous development. The success of caring for seedlings is in controlling their stretching, fertilizing them at the right time and knowing how to interpret their afflictions and needs. A good start in life means that plants will be less susceptible to bacteria, disease, and pests, and that they will bear better fruit at harvest time.

Unfortunately, stretching is a fairly common problem in cannabis crops, and can result in poor harvests and fragile and unstable plants . This spike can be due to several factors, so to control it we must have a good understanding of the interaction of plants with their internal and external environments.

The first thing is that the plant's own genetics may be responsible for the seedlings growing very stretched; This usually occurs with the Sativa varieties , which usually tend to grow much more vertical than Indicas.

But many times this phenomenon is due to environmental factors such as light, temperature and stress. In the case of lighting, it is because the plants feel that the light bulb is too far away and they stretch to receive better energy. Therefore, if we see that this happens with our seedlings, we must bring the lamps closer and leave an adequate separation between pots and that all receive light equally, since when they start to grow they could take light from each other, and this phenomenon could be repeat. Warm lights don't help either, as they encourage stretching; on the contrary, the cold ones stimulate a more horizontal and less vertical growth .

When the plants have grown enough we can use apical pruning to limit their vertical growth , or fold some leaves so that the plant concentrates on repairing the stem instead of growing vertically.